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A blog about an ALS patient and her experience from the onset of the disease to her everyday life in an ICU.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Disease

When my sister became sick, and since it is always at the limits of life that we ask, I wished that she could grasp the feeling and the support that belief brings us.

Much to my surprise I noticed that Josélia had within herself immense resources (of spiritual nature?) which I am certain have helped greatly. It’s as if there has been a renaissance within her, the revival of a dormant wisdom.

I am sure that self-knowledge and self-acceptance have been the real foundation for all this. I believe as well, that great work is required of her, guided by great sensibility and expertise.

A spiritual life, independently of its nature, is indispensable to psychological health. Of course, like everything in life, when you don’t know the situation you become perplex, afterwards habit is second nature and your emotional vision changes greatly. Everything that we had never thought of simply becomes part of everyday life. I also believe that due to the fact that this is an incurable disease, there existed the necessity to concentrate the mind. This way, I believe, that my sister started to schematize her day-to-day life, which in any other circumstance would not have happened. Thanks to an immense mental and pragmatic capacity, she has been able to transform her “bad luck” and that, for her, lifts a weight off her shoulders.

I do not doubt that my sister held on to her affection having as well, interiorized the idea that life continues. Obviously, there are very difficult days, with many tears and suffering but in general, she has been able to work in a creative manner the occasions that are part of her existence.

She frequently uses unimaginable interior resource to survive that day…and after that, it’s one day at a time.


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